What will become…

Hi. This is my first blog post for the site. Thanks for visiting. I have a lot of aspirations for my blog, like my life. As someone who has a lot of interests and a wanderlust bug, I want to use my blog to share my projects and tell about places I go or want to go. While I don’t travel as much as a lot of other bloggers do, I gotta start somewhere and hope that opportunities will arise for me to do it more often. Travel has always been a passion of mine. I love seeing the world, learning about places and cultures, and challenging myself to do things. It is a goal of mine to travel more often and see the beautiful places I hear and read about, see pictures of, and virtually visit on Google Earth (it’s not the same).

What and how I am going to proceed is a work in progress and something I will figure out. So bear with me. Please feel free to share your comments or contact me if you have any feedback or suggestions. Thanks again!

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