Evening Sky over Mount Timpanogos

Utah: Nature at Your Doorstep (Alpine Loop)

People who aren’t from or haven’t lived in Utah often wonder why people who have love it so much. They know it has mountains and snow and some national parks. But what people don’t realize is how accessible the cities are to the outdoors and rural nature. While certainly not the biggest city in the country, the Salt Lake City metro area boasts a lot of big city amenities. But what makes it unique is the ability to put city life on the back burner like an on/off switch.

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Rainstorms moving in over Salt Lake

Head in the Clouds

The last several weeks have been very rainy in Salt Lake City. Which is a good thing considering the very dry winter we had. We’ll take all the moisture we can get. During those last few weeks, I took the time to focus more of my attention on the sky and attempt to capture its natural beauty.

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Utah State Capitol Pink Sunset

Viewing the Utah State Capitol

I’m taking another quick detour from the travel posts (they will resume soon) to show some recent photos taken of the Utah State Capitol in Salt Lake City.

In my opinion, Utah has one of the most beautiful capitol buildings in the country. The granite-clad structure with marble interior is situated on a hill (aptly named ‘Capitol Hill’) overlooking downtown and much of the Salt Lake Valley. Opened in 1916, the neoclassical architectural design was influenced by other capitol buildings in Rhode Island, Minnesota, and Kentucky. Along with the nearby LDS Temple, the capitol building is among Salt Lake City’s most iconic buildings.

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Spring Sunset in Salt Lake City

A View of Home

As a quick blog detour from covering my trip overseas, I just want to share some views of where I call home. I have lived in Salt Lake City (or SLC) my whole life. It is such a great place to live and probably one of the most underrated cities there is. Some people are catching on though as the city continues to see growth, tourism increases, and the city gets more attention. The Salt Lake area has what seems like infinite outdoor opportunities.

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Airport time lapse video

Over a several month period in 2014, I worked on a time lapse photography project at Salt Lake City International Airport. As an avid aviation enthusiast, this was something I was very excited to do. It was my first time lapse project but certainly will not be my last.

Nathan Bowen was kind enough to work with me on this project as the composer of the beautiful music featured in the video. Nathan is also my brother-in-law. I am very grateful for contribution as I think it is the music that really ties the video together. Nathan is a very talented musician. Visit his blog at http://www.nb23.com/blog or his twitter page at @nb23.

The video has been very popular and I have received a lot of good feedback from people. If you like the video or have any suggestions for future projects, please let it be known. Contact me or write a comment below.