Road Through Arches National Parks

Arches National Park

Last week I took some time with family to visit Arches National Park near Moab, Utah. One of Utah’s five national parks (Utah has the 3rd highest number of national parks in the US after Alaska and California), Arches features some very unique geological formations not found anywhere else on earth. Arches National Park offers amazing scenery, hiking, camping, climbing, and other recreation opportunities.

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The Way To Glenorchy, New Zealand

A Kiwi Wrap Up (New Zealand Part 3)

A Kiwi Wrap Up…

(Continued from Which Way To Milford Sound? New Zealand Part 2)

It was mid afternoon when I had to drag myself away from Milford Sound. There was another long drive ahead and I planned on making some stops along the way. While satisfied with my visit I was disappointed I didn’t get to see it from the air or get to take the cruise out further into the sound due to a lack of time. This would be a recurring feeling for the rest of the trip as I visited other places as well. I had to remind myself I would be back here again one day with more time to explore.

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Which Way to Milford Sound? (New Zealand Part 2)

Which Way to Milford Sound?

(Continued from New Zealand Part 1)

I woke up early. It was going to be a long day ahead. One of the biggest priorities I had for my visit here was to see Milford Sound, one of New Zealand’s most popular attractions and widely considered one of the most beautiful spots on the planet. Technically speaking, Milford Sound is not a sound at all but a fjord. It was incorrectly named (they are already aware, I checked). Milford Sound is a narrow inlet from the Tasman Sea which was formed by glaciers. It is home to an abundant assortment of flora and fauna, Mitre Peak, countless waterfalls, and stunning scenery.

Lake Wakatipu at Dawn

Lake Wakatipu at Dawn

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