Circular Quay Panorama in Sydney

Sydney Part 1: A Way to Start a G’day

A way to Start a G’day

(continued from New Zealand part 3)


If you are just joining in, this is part of a series of blog entries about my trip last month that first took me to New Zealand and continued on to three other countries. The trip was a challenge I gave myself to cover as many miles that I could and visit as many places that I could in a two week time frame while still being able to see beautiful places and landmarks while gaining an appreciation of these places. It picks up leaving the South Island of New Zealand…

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Airport time lapse video

Over a several month period in 2014, I worked on a time lapse photography project at Salt Lake City International Airport. As an avid aviation enthusiast, this was something I was very excited to do. It was my first time lapse project but certainly will not be my last.

Nathan Bowen was kind enough to work with me on this project as the composer of the beautiful music featured in the video. Nathan is also my brother-in-law. I am very grateful for contribution as I think it is the music that really ties the video together. Nathan is a very talented musician. Visit his blog at or his twitter page at @nb23.

The video has been very popular and I have received a lot of good feedback from people. If you like the video or have any suggestions for future projects, please let it be known. Contact me or write a comment below.