Evening Sky over Mount Timpanogos

Utah: Nature at Your Doorstep (Alpine Loop)

People who aren’t from or haven’t lived in Utah often wonder why people who have love it so much. They know it has mountains and snow and some national parks. But what people don’t realize is how accessible the cities are to the outdoors and rural nature. While certainly not the biggest city in the country, the Salt Lake City metro area boasts a lot of big city amenities. But what makes it unique is the ability to put city life on the back burner like an on/off switch.

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Road Through Arches National Parks

Arches National Park

Last week I took some time with family to visit Arches National Park near Moab, Utah. One of Utah’s five national parks (Utah has the 3rd highest number of national parks in the US after Alaska and California), Arches features some very unique geological formations not found anywhere else on earth. Arches National Park offers amazing scenery, hiking, camping, climbing, and other recreation opportunities.

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The Way To Glenorchy, New Zealand

A Kiwi Wrap Up (New Zealand Part 3)

A Kiwi Wrap Up…

(Continued from Which Way To Milford Sound? New Zealand Part 2)

It was mid afternoon when I had to drag myself away from Milford Sound. There was another long drive ahead and I planned on making some stops along the way. While satisfied with my visit I was disappointed I didn’t get to see it from the air or get to take the cruise out further into the sound due to a lack of time. This would be a recurring feeling for the rest of the trip as I visited other places as well. I had to remind myself I would be back here again one day with more time to explore.

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A Long Way From Home

New Zealand Part 1

A week later…

Nearly a week ago I returned from an extensive trip which took me to four countries, two continents (not including my home continent), and both hemispheres. It was quite a journey but an experience I will never forget.


Let me first lay out a few things about this trip first because you will probably think I am a little crazy by the end of it. The challenge I set for myself for this trip was to cover as many miles and see as many places I could in a two week time frame. If you choose to continue reading my posts about my trip in the weeks to come, you will see both the challenges this trip presented me and the choices that had to be made, but also the excitement and appreciation I gained from it. It was not a leisurely trip by any means, nor was I expecting it to be. But it was my goal and challenge to show that preparation and efficiency can get you to a lot of neat places in a short time frame. Okay I admit, The Amazing Race played a part in inspiring me to do this.

A Long Way From Home

A Long Way From Home

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