Foggy Morning at Canyonlands

Canyonlands & Arches Quick Trip

When you live within four hours of five national parks in southern Utah, its hard not to take any opportunity you can to visit, even if it is a quick one. Recently I woke up super early to drive down to Canyonlands and Arches National Parks near Moab to spend the day.

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Starting 2016 Off Right

Well, a new year has begun and I am already looking forward to things I have planned and the fun things that tend to show up on their own here and there. This last holiday season was rather busy for me but not busy enough to get out and see some neat things. I made it up to Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort in Big Cottonwood Canyon and found a good spot to watch their torch light parade and fireworks show. The scenic backdrop was the perfect venue to watch the festivities. The snow became sort of a canvas, reflecting the colorful bursts of light of the fireworks.

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Winter Begins & The Holidays

The year has come to an end and winter has set in at home in Utah. I’ve healed up from the injury I incurred about two months ago and I am happy to be back outdoors and able to enjoy taking photos where I enjoy most, the mountains. The season is off to a good start with a few good storms bringing lots of snow. We are hopeful for a winter with plenty of snow as the last two or three have been really lacking in that department. I’m looking forward to skiing and snow-shoeing in the beautiful Wasatch mountains.

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