Bali, Indonesia: An Obligatory Stop?

(Continued from Sydney: In a Class of Its Own)


If you are just joining in, this is part of a series of blog entries about a trip I took in March. The trip was a challenge I gave myself to cover as many miles that I could and visit as many places that I could in a two week time frame while still being able to see beautiful places and landmarks and gaining an appreciation of those places. So far I have covered my stays on the South Island of New Zealand and Sydney, Australia.

When I started planning this trip last year I started researching ways I could get the most bang for my buck in seeing as many different places I could. I consider myself an air travel guru and pretty knowledgeable about airline routings and ticketing procedures. When I was in college I worked for an airline and was able to do a lot of traveling for free. Of course, this was space-available travel and sometimes I had to be really creative on how I got from A to B. All my experience played a part in arranging my itinerary.

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