Sydney Harbour at Dusk

Sydney Part 2: In a Class of Its Own

Sydney Part 2: In a Class of Its Own

Continued from Sydney Part 1: A Way to Start a G'Day

In an attempt to summarize what Sydney was like to family and friends back home, I tried to compare it to other cities they might have been to themselves. Walking around the central business district felt like walking in other large cities I have visited. Certain neighborhoods reminded me of New York City, particularly in the historical areas like The Rocks. George Street reminded me of parts of Broadway, albeit on a smaller scale. The city as a whole reminded me of Seattle or San Francisco with the numerous waterfronts, an iconic bridge, and landmarks. To me, it had more American characteristics than European. But Sydney is quite diverse and has people from many backgrounds and nationalities. As I spent more time here, Sydney began to show me its own vibe and turned out to be a city quite different than anywhere else I had been before.

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Circular Quay Panorama in Sydney

Sydney Part 1: A Way to Start a G’day

A way to Start a G’day

(continued from New Zealand part 3)


If you are just joining in, this is part of a series of blog entries about my trip last month that first took me to New Zealand and continued on to three other countries. The trip was a challenge I gave myself to cover as many miles that I could and visit as many places that I could in a two week time frame while still being able to see beautiful places and landmarks while gaining an appreciation of these places. It picks up leaving the South Island of New Zealand…

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Spring Sunset in Salt Lake City

A View of Home

As a quick blog detour from covering my trip overseas, I just want to share some views of where I call home. I have lived in Salt Lake City (or SLC) my whole life. It is such a great place to live and probably one of the most underrated cities there is. Some people are catching on though as the city continues to see growth, tourism increases, and the city gets more attention. The Salt Lake area has what seems like infinite outdoor opportunities.

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The Way To Glenorchy, New Zealand

A Kiwi Wrap Up (New Zealand Part 3)

A Kiwi Wrap Up…

(Continued from Which Way To Milford Sound? New Zealand Part 2)

It was mid afternoon when I had to drag myself away from Milford Sound. There was another long drive ahead and I planned on making some stops along the way. While satisfied with my visit I was disappointed I didn’t get to see it from the air or get to take the cruise out further into the sound due to a lack of time. This would be a recurring feeling for the rest of the trip as I visited other places as well. I had to remind myself I would be back here again one day with more time to explore.

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Which Way to Milford Sound? (New Zealand Part 2)

Which Way to Milford Sound?

(Continued from New Zealand Part 1)

I woke up early. It was going to be a long day ahead. One of the biggest priorities I had for my visit here was to see Milford Sound, one of New Zealand’s most popular attractions and widely considered one of the most beautiful spots on the planet. Technically speaking, Milford Sound is not a sound at all but a fjord. It was incorrectly named (they are already aware, I checked). Milford Sound is a narrow inlet from the Tasman Sea which was formed by glaciers. It is home to an abundant assortment of flora and fauna, Mitre Peak, countless waterfalls, and stunning scenery.

Lake Wakatipu at Dawn

Lake Wakatipu at Dawn

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A Long Way From Home

New Zealand Part 1

A week later…

Nearly a week ago I returned from an extensive trip which took me to four countries, two continents (not including my home continent), and both hemispheres. It was quite a journey but an experience I will never forget.


Let me first lay out a few things about this trip first because you will probably think I am a little crazy by the end of it. The challenge I set for myself for this trip was to cover as many miles and see as many places I could in a two week time frame. If you choose to continue reading my posts about my trip in the weeks to come, you will see both the challenges this trip presented me and the choices that had to be made, but also the excitement and appreciation I gained from it. It was not a leisurely trip by any means, nor was I expecting it to be. But it was my goal and challenge to show that preparation and efficiency can get you to a lot of neat places in a short time frame. Okay I admit, The Amazing Race played a part in inspiring me to do this.

A Long Way From Home

A Long Way From Home

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Airport time lapse video

Over a several month period in 2014, I worked on a time lapse photography project at Salt Lake City International Airport. As an avid aviation enthusiast, this was something I was very excited to do. It was my first time lapse project but certainly will not be my last.

Nathan Bowen was kind enough to work with me on this project as the composer of the beautiful music featured in the video. Nathan is also my brother-in-law. I am very grateful for contribution as I think it is the music that really ties the video together. Nathan is a very talented musician. Visit his blog at or his twitter page at @nb23.

The video has been very popular and I have received a lot of good feedback from people. If you like the video or have any suggestions for future projects, please let it be known. Contact me or write a comment below.


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