As a quick blog detour from covering my trip overseas, I just want to share some views of where I call home. I have lived in Salt Lake City (or SLC) my whole life. It is such a great place to live and probably one of the most underrated cities there is. Some people are catching on though as the city continues to see growth, tourism increases, and the city gets more attention. The Salt Lake area has what seems like infinite outdoor opportunities.

From just about anywhere in the Salt Lake Valley, which alone is home to over a million people (the Wasatch Front home to 2.5 million or so), you can be enjoying the mountains in twenty minutes or less. If you go up one of the many nearby canyons, you can leave all traces of city life. For me, it is essential to take a break from the hustle and bustle and be out in nature. Living here makes it easy to mix my work life and leisure life and manage both efficiently. People are happier and more productive here and I think the fact SLC has easy access to nature and the outdoors plays a major role in that. Here are just a few photos I have taken over the last year or so of my city and I will have more available soon.

I’ll begin with a photo of last night’s (April 13th) sunset as seen from the Bonneville Shoreline Trail, one of the many trails around the city. It was a very unusual dry and warm winter we had. It makes me a little worried because we rely on the water we get from winter snowfall to fill the reservoirs for water use. But as I write this, the weather is a big contrast to how beautiful it was yesterday. A strong front has pushed through with pouring rain and snowfall expected tonight and tomorrow. The moisture is welcome and we’ll look forward to more spring later this week.

Spring Sunset in Salt Lake City

Spring Sunset in Salt Lake City

Here are some other overviews of the city taken over the last several months…

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